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Killer Wireless-AC 1535

The Killer Wireless-AC 1535 was made to be an adapter that might provide to 150Mbps a lot more information throughput than contending products at distances of 25m or more. This will enable players as well as lovers to appreciate their online experience from a much higher range from the router or access factor than in the past. The Awesome Wireless-AC 1535 includes two exterior amplifiers with full-MU-MIMO and Transmit Beamforming support to give individuals maximum throughput by far better-directing Wi-Fi signals to the Killer 1535. The external amps give the Awesome 1535 much better Wi-Fi signal at longer arrays. MU-MIMO is made to significantly enhance network efficiency and throughput by allowing allowed routers to offer wireless customers concurrently.

Killer Wireless-AC 1535
Killer Wireless-AC 1535

Lastly, the Killer 1535 utilizes Lag as well as Latency Decrease Technology to make sure high-priority pc gaming and also video packets to application travel approximately twice as quickly as competitor’s products during solitary application operation and as much as 10 times as fast when multitasking. Theoretically, you’ll have sufficient bandwidth to play your favourite video game while streaming that most recent motion picture from Netflix. MU-MIMO is a phrase for “Multi Customer – Multiple-Input as well as Multiple-Output”. This function enables the router to all at once send data to several MU-MIMO-ready tools (yet not receive). In our test, we considered the efficiency of 2 MSI notebooks with Awesome WLAN interacting with our Netgear Nighthawk x4s r7800 router.

The ExtremeRange technology utilizes MU-MIMO, Transmit Beamforming and also two outside 5 GHz amplifiers to enhance the series of the Awesome Wi-Fi cards. In our test, this attribute permitted the GT72S Dominator Pro to have a great function also in the storage of a single-family house (router on the first floor). As a matter of fact, the laptop computer could match the performance of a 3×3 WLAN card.

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Killer Wireless-AC 1535 Features

  • Support for 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with two spatial streams
  • Max wireless throughput of 867 Mbps
  • Supports 20/40 MHz channel bandwidth at 2.4 GHz + 20/40/80 MHz at 5 GHz
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.1
  • Killer ExtremeRange Technology (Tx BF, MU-MIMO, external amplifiers)
  • Lag and Latency Reduction Technology for low-latency gaming/VoIP
  • Advanced Stream Detect application detection
  • Automatic app prioritization (default highest priority to games/video/voice)
  • 4 customizable network priority levels
  • Bandwidth monitor and user-defined bandwidth limits (by application)
  • Real-time and historical performance monitoring
  • Wi-Fi analyzer (dynamically measures AP signal strength, channel usage)
  • Supports DoubleShot Pro Technology: Use Killer Ethernet and Killer Wi-Fi together for through up to 1.867 Mbps; prioritize traffic between Killer Ethernet/Wi-Fi; use multiple broadband
  • connections simultaneously

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