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Logitech G Driving Force Pro

The Logitech G Driving Force Pro has actually been readily available in stores for time currently. However, we’ve delayed evaluating the wheel previously for one really vital factor: Grandma Turismo 4. The Driving Force Pro has produced it, and it for the Driving Force Pro. Without one, the other is just incomplete, such as held with Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec and the Logitech GT Force. The Driving Force Pro is a pressure comment steering wheel developed for PlayStation 2. However, since it uses a USB connection, you can hook it as much as a COMPUTER and appreciate competing for bliss there. The wheel’s major marketing factor is its 900 levels of rotation, with force feedback completely around, for sustained video games. It’s various other significant upgrade hinges on its force comments strength, which makes vehicles really feel much heavier and much more effective yet also permits better subtlety.

Logitech G Driving Force Pro
Logitech G Driving Force Pro

The layout of the wheel and its switch format has changed a fair little bit over Logitech’s past GT Force and Motive power wheels for PS2. The pedals are primarily the same, for much better or for worse. (Where are force feedback pedals? It would be terrific for the brakes) The wheel is literally best regarding the same dimension as Logitech’s past items. Still, every one of the buttons is now located in the wheel’s facility and along with the supports as opposed to on the rear wheel itself. You can now grab the wheel anywhere throughout a race without inadvertently changing sights, striking the emergency break, or anything else.

The gear/ moving stick includes a fixed onward and also backward action (sequential). It does not permit much space for play, but it does its work effectively. Unfortunately, while it resembles an appropriate racing handle, it’s constructed out of textured plastic with the shaft’s exemption. It is likewise dealt with in the best most side position. Barely a complaint about the price.

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Logitech G Driving Force Pro Features

  • 24-position real-time adjustment dial – Offers on-the-fly control of
  • brake bias, traction control system (TCS), and additional features
  • Force feedback – Realistically simulates oversteering, understeering, and traction loss
  • 900-degree wheel rotation* – Replicates the steering dynamics of real cars
  • Gas and brake pedals – Provides realism and instant response
  • 11-inch rubber over-mold wheel with illuminated horn button
  • Compatible with most PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 titles

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