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Razer Naga Hex Driver Software Download

Razer Naga Hex Driver Installs, Manual, Synapse Software Download for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, And Mac – Razer Naga Hex is a mouse with several revisions already, which was originally meant for MMO games, and now the Hex version is presented, planned for Multiplayer online fight arena (MOBA) and also FPS video games. Basically, there is not written anywhere that a mouse can not be used for another sort of video game, however, it is created and adjusted for already mentioned sorts of video games. This mouse uses an incredibly advanced laser sensor, superb switches as well enough variety of buttons, also for even more requiring individuals.

Razer Naga Hex Driver
Razer Naga Hex” By its appearance, this Naga version reminds you of its previous designs, as well as with dimensions of 116x70x46 mm as well as the weight of 134g, it has a characteristic form that needs a little bit of adaptation initially. Since it is a bit higher profile, it is planned that the entire clenched fist lies on the mouse well. A computer mouse is ergonomically formed and suited for right-handed individuals, after long usage, it ends up being rather comfy and does not tire your hand. It is made of premium quality plastics which has a glossy finish on the top side, which implies extremely annoying fingerprints, while it is matted on the lateral sides, with a structure that will offer a strong grip as well as stop slipping. Typically, it offers the impact of strength as well as quality, without visible compromises which manufacturers are required to make.

There is a centrally positioned scroll-wheel that has basic Razer style, with a rubber ring on the middle which is donated, so scroll is exact and also rapid. Next to two regular buttons on the front part of the computer mouse, there are additionally 2 scroll-wheels on the back, and also they can, as all other buttons, obtain readjusted if wanted, for instance, to set DPI values or affix them some macro values. On the left lateral side, we can see six switches in Hex shape (that’s what they named computer mouse after), distributed in a circle, with a rest area for the thumb. This actually works pretty well, due to the fact that the thumb naturally lies on its area so there will not be any requirement to seek switches that are marked with numbers. These aren’t just common buttons, but special mechanically stated on 10 million clicks so they acknowledge approximately 250 clicks in min.

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Razer Naga Hex Features

  • 6 MOBA/ Action-RPG optimized mechanical thumb buttons
  • High-performance buttons up to 250 clicks per minute
  • Razer Synapse 2.0
  • 10 million click life cycle
  • 1000HZ UltraPolling/1ms response time

Razer Naga Hex Download

Razer Synapse 3:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.1.193.237 File Size: 6.37 MB File Type: exe

Razer Synapse 2:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V2.21.24.34 File Size: 25.68 MB File Type: exe

Razer Synapse 2:>> Software Download<<
OS: Mac Os
Version: V1.87 File Size: 28.53 MB File Type: dmg

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