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Redragon K558

Redragon K558 FN essential functions include customizing the function keys, number row, arrowhead keys, and INS. The function keys control media as well as various other features, like opening up the calculator. The number row is for various RGB backlighting effects, like the FPS setting, which only illuminates the ESC, A, S, D, W, arrowhead up, arrow down, arrowhead left, as well as arrow best keys. The arrowhead keys and INS control the RGB backlighting, consisting of various motion patterns, brightness, and, obviously, whether or not to transform the feature off completely. While, as specified, there is no devoted software, there is an onboard DIY Setting where you can set your own lighting arrangement.

Redragon K558
Redragon K558

Unlike many other mechanical keyboards, the K558 has only one USB wire, which is not entwined. However, it does have a gold-plated connector. Although this configuration loses on a USB information or power port or more mirrored on the key-board, it reduces some of the typical mass that needs and certainly uses up just the one USB port on the device you’re connecting it to.

As for the keyboard’s efficiency, you can definitely tell it’s not a high-end model. Heaven Outemu buttons are thought about Cherry MX Blue matchings, which are generally preferred for hefty keying. However, the keyboard’s plastic covering does produce a somewhat hollow sensation and also noise. Regardless of the keyboard lacking the usual heft, the styling is eye-catching enough, with a wonderfully integrated wrist wrest and rubberized bottom risers. Nevertheless, despite not constantly feeling or fairly performing like a high-end keyboard, the design, together with the RGB lighting, certainly looks the part.

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Redragon K558 Features

  • High Performance
  • Spill-proof
  • Mechanical switches OUTEMU Blue
  • 6 modes of dynamic backlight
  • High durability
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Gold-plated surface ensures better connection, smaller resistance, and smaller oxidability
  • Locking of WIN key when playing a game
  • Simultaneous input of up to 104 keys
  • Moisture-proof keyboard construction
  • Adjustable brightness of the backlight
  • Textured wrist rest
  • High durability cord

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