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Roccat KOVA

The Roccat Kova Pure Efficiency Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse. Excellent button placement can make or break a gaming mouse. This is twice as true for ambidextrous computer mice. The switch design is most definitely one of Kova’s strengths. Six of the 10 programmable switches mirror each other in the area, with 2 situated best next to the left- and right-click switches, and also 4 located simply over the thumb or ring finger. Originally, I thought this symmetrical placement may cause a mistaken click with my third finger. But the switches are well made as well as unless you press extremely hard, this isn’t really a concern.

Roccat KOVA
Roccat KOVA

A prospective disadvantage is Kova’s relatively low dpi. Its Pro-Optic R6 sensing unit reaches 3,500 dpi as well as has a ballot rate of up to 1,000 Hz. Roccat claims its Overdrive mode successfully doubles the dpi to 7,000, but that still fades in contrast to the Logitech G502’s 12,000 dpi or the Razer Diamondback’s 16,000 dpi. While the distinction between, say, 12,000 dpi and 16,000 dpi isn’t all that obvious, it is extra apparent between 7,000 dpi and 16,000 dpi.

The Kova is also suitable with various other attributes like AlienFX as well as TalkFX, which make it possible for impacts that specify to video game occasions– for example, the lighting on the computer mouse can alter from green to yellow to red based on the level of your health and wellness or mana. But to do this you’ll need to download and install as well as set up added updates for Roccat Swarm. The SteelSeries Competing 700 functions the very same illumination capacities, however, uses a much less headache-inducing software program. the Kova did admirably in testing. It was receptive at both 3,500 as well as 7,000 dpi, without lag. The buttons are convenient, though cycling with all the dpi setups is rather of an inconvenience. As well as unless you have an excellent memory, those additional seconds spent making sure you have the dpi you want can be expensive, especially if you need to act quickly.

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Roccat KOVA Features:

  • 7000DPI pro-optic sensor r6 -from 3500 native DPI via Overdrive mode
  • Ambidextrous shape - optimized for both left- and right-hand use
  • Roccat swarm  integrated next-gen driver system
  • ROCCAT Easy-Shift[+]  duplicator technology: 22 functions
  • 16.8M Multicolor illumination customizable two-level light system


Roccat Swarm:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.9414 File Size: 131.43 MB File Type: zip

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