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Fantech Hive UX2 Driver Software Download

Fantech Hive UX2 Driver Software Download, Manual, Patch For Windows – Fantech HIVE UX2 is the best budget plan computer mouse out there, equally as the title reads. Fantech HIVE UX2 recognizes and contains every required feature of an encouraging video gaming computer mouse ranging from visual appeals to high-quality performance. Without further ado, let’s study the aspects that make a fantastic video gaming mouse, such as Fantech HIVE UX2.

Fantech Hive UX2 Driver
Fantech Hive UX2” To begin with, the play style of your game matters, that is, your gaming mouse requirement depends on the video game you plan to play. Say, if you are an RTS as well as an MMO player, you will need a mouse with extra switches that will certainly provide you with different features whereas if you are an FPS gamer, you’ll need a quick monitoring computer mouse that will certainly assist you to focus on precision. Second of all, you need to determine the sensing unit according to your preference. Mainly, the option is in between an optical and also a laser sensing unit, where a pro-optic mouse gets a side based on offering customers more reactive sensors as well as much less lag than a laser mouse.

In addition, the discussion between a wired vs. wireless computer mouse is still continuous. It was a pushing problem when the cordless computer mouse was thought about less receptive for broadband and also reactive video games; nevertheless, the issue has been fixed with rising modern technology. Wireless computer mice are just as good as a wired mouse, in addition, to being extra expensive. DPI, as well as CPI, are both the most important functions of the very best gaming computer mouse. DPI describes the price of pixels your display cursor will relocate per inch of motions of the mouse. To amount of DPI you need is straight proportional to the dimension of your monitor or screen, that is, the larger the screen the higher DPI you require to gain a much more substantial mouse motion on the screen per inch of the development of the computer mouse.

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Fantech Hive UX2 Features

  • Product model: Hive UX2
  • Programmable keys: 6
  • RGB Colors: Up to 16.8m
  • Sensor: PMW 3360
  • DPI: Up to 12000
  • Interface: Wired USB
  • Switch: Huano
  • Switch life: 50 million cycle
  • Cable length: 180cm
  • Item Weight: About 74G
  • Item Size:125*64*39MM(L * W * H)
  • Compatibility: Windows Vista, Win7/8/10/ 11, Mac OS X 10.5 or later, Linux, Chrome OS


Driver Software:>> Fantech Hive UX2 Driver Software<<
OS: Windows 11 or Later
Version: v1.0_200313 File Size: 2.08 MB File Type: zip


Driver Software:>> Fantech Hive UX2 Patch Driver Software<<
OS: Windows 11 or Later
Version: 200313 File Size: 386.7 KB File Type: rar


Fantech Hive UX2  Manual Download

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