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Killer Ethernet E2600

The Killer Ethernet E2600 is the most recent item in Rivet Networks’ prize-winning line of Gigabit Ethernet Controllers. By delivering Awesome’s most sophisticated networking functions with the latest gigabit Ethernet technology, the E2600 is the optimal option for gamers as well as COMPUTER lovers that want the very best gigabit network connectivity in their PCs. Powered by the most recent gigabit Ethernet modern technology, the Killer E2600 delivers unbelievable online experiences– low latency video gaming, smooth HD streaming video clip, as well as interrupt-free voice as well as video clip chats.

Killer Ethernet E2600
Killer Ethernet E2600

The Knowledge Engine inside the Rivet Network products is actually rather cool (individual viewpoint). Via a range of hardware formulas, it can identify what sort of traffic is going through the chip without actually looking at the information: VOIP, video gaming, video download, documents download, data upload, streaming, torrents, and also numerous various other besides. Rivet Networks can additionally analyze bent on a big level which solution is being used (Netflix vs Youtube for instance), all without really taking a look at the data being moved, but at the patterns of information transfer. By analysing the information circulation, it can prioritise packages that are latency-sensitive, such as video games or voice, over non-latency sensitive information, such as downloads.

New features in the Awesome pile likewise consist of network efficiency optimization for end-users. The updated tool to assist users to readjust the equipment based network prioritization additionally consists of an optimization tool that can analyse the high quality of the network and also the system and give suggestions (such as closing programs, disabling services, software prioritization adjustment) that may aid in improved frame rates and a better pc gaming individual experience. This tool is consisted of in the software for the Rivet Wi-Fi 6 service likewise.

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Killer Ethernet E2600 Key Features

  • Full gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Support for the latest Killer Networking features
  • Advanced features such as connected standby and Wake-on-LAN
  • The Killer E2600 uses Killer Prioritization Engine Technology to detect thousands of games, applications, and websites.
  • The E2600 also features GameFast Technology, which automatically pauses processes that are not needed when gaming. By freeing up to 10% of CPU cycles and 20% of memory, GameFast
  • enables the PC to devote more of its resources towards delivering a faster and more responsive gaming experience.
  • Powered by the Killer Intelligence Engine, the Killer E2600 automatically analyzes the network and makes adjustments to improve the overall online experience.
  • When combined with a Killer Wi-Fi product, the E2600 features DoubleShot Pro Technology, which enables the use of both Killer Wi-Fi and the E2600 at the same time.
  • The Killer Control Center 2.0 gives users an intuitive and rich interface to monitor which applications and websites are using bandwidth and to optimize their PC’s networking performance.

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