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Logitech G3 Laser Driver Download

The Logitech G3 Laser has 6 switches, including one that can toggle between 2 DPI setups on the fly. At a maximum of 2000 DPI, the G3 has enough horsepower to please severe players, and it is much slicker and also more portable than various other Logitech computer mice. Its symmetrical style puts both lefties as well as righties in the exact same watercraft– a good idea for our southpaw readers. On top of this, Logitech’s SetPoint software application complements the G3 with a range of options to personalize switches, arrow effects, and even DPI. Today we’re considering Logitech’s most recent enhancement to its G-series line of laser mice, the G3 Laser Mouse. The G3 has a tough act to succeed we slapped a really unusual excellent 10 score on the G5 and after another ExtremeTech Approved, albeit lesser-rated, G7 cordless computer mouse. So even before it’s eliminated from the package, the G3 has its job eliminated.

Logitech G3 Laser

One of the highlights that the G3 strongly addresses is DPI monitoring. With a sophisticated 2000 DPI laser tracker coupled with a 6.4 megapixel-a-second photo processing engine within, the G3 will undoubtedly stay up to date with the arduous finger acrobatics straightened with video gaming. To harness all these new located powers, Logitech likewise included a shortcut button slap ideal bellow the scroll wheel to reduce or boost sensitivity in an instant for those complicated sniper range shots and also provide you the extra edge in those crucial moments. Nonetheless, we must explain a near limitation to this function– as the button rotates in between programmed sensitivity modes (800dpi, 1600dpi, 2000dpi), it would certainly take a couple of clicks to reach your favored one and cost you valuable split-seconds. There is a workaround to this trouble, which involves not installing Logitech Setpoint Drivers, sacrificing 400 dpi (the G3 just spots 800dpi and also 1600dpi setting without vehicle drivers). Nonetheless, we make sure no person would intentionally gimp their G3 by doing this.

The computer mouse makes use of a complete 16-bit data course to the computer over USB, with 500 reports a second– a lot more than many completing computer mice, which operate at 200 reports a 2nd. The higher the transfer price, the reduced the lag, which comes to be a costly handicap that some computer mice over USB suffers. Setting up the software will also allow you to crank the mouse resolution as much as 2000 DPI. It’s a shade below the massive 2400 DPI by the Raptor-Gaming M2 computer mouse, although that DPI alone wasn’t enough to obtain us to suggest the Raptor.

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Logitech G3 Laser Features

  • Full-speed USB at 500 reports/second delivers precision at any speed
  • 2000 dpi gaming-grade laser engine
  • Ultra-light design and DryGrip surface
  • Compact, ambidextrous design for quick wrist movements
  • On-the-fly sensitivity switching (800 dpi and 1600 dpi)

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