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Logitech G510s

The G510s is undoubtedly made for gamers. With three fast button profiles using M keys and 18 macro keys, this leaves us with an overall of 54 quickly available macro features. Those macros can even be altered on the fly in a video game. This can be the difference between a mediocre pc gaming experience and your own. A 6 key rollover and 500hz refresh rate (that’s 2ms feedback time) means that keyboard lag is a thing of the past. Your keyboard is currently an extension of you. I won’t lie. This is a giant keyboard. However, with a large keyboard comes a significant gaming obligation. The G510s provides you with connecting and play performance while also offering outstanding features originating from Logitech’s own “Logitech Video Gaming Software program” We will certainly get involved in even more detail as we see what this keyboard needs to supply in person.

Logitech G510s
Logitech G510s

Get In the Logitech G510s pc gaming keyboard with an ingrained LCD screen. This is a larger non-mechanical keyboard with 18 specialized programmable buttons, onboard playback and recording devices, a monochrome LCD, and a complete host of devoted media tricks and related functions. It ships with the primary board and also an instruction manual. To customize the programmable buttons, set profiles, and record macros, you will certainly need to download the Logitech pc gaming software.

Setup is less complicated than most. The keyboard attaches using a single USB cord. That might not seem outstanding. But the G510s features 3.5 mm jacks for an earphone collection and also a microphone. Commonly, these ports are just a pass-through for your motherboard’s onboard audio gadgets or that of an aftermarket sound card. You would undoubtedly plug your headset into the keyboard and also connect the keyboard’s corresponding set of headphones as well as mic jacks right into your PC. The Logitech G510s has its collection of playback as well as recording devices nestled within the keyboard.

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Logitech G510s Key Features

  • Game Panel LCD screen: Stay informed with real-time game stats, VoIP communication data, and more without interrupting gameplay
  • Custom-color RGB backlighting: Assign a unique colour to each profile, profile mode, and mode style to quickly locate any key in the dark
  • 18 Programmable G-keys: Simplify actions. Configure up to 54 unique functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros, or intricate LUA scripts* (*Requires software installation)
  • 3.5mm audio ports: Quickly plug in your headset, plus independently control game audio output and your headset mic
  • Multi-key input: Press up to six keys at once to perform multiple complicated moves without interference or ghosting

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