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Logitech G560 Driver Software Download

Logitech G560 Driver Installs, Gaming Speaker Manual, SetPoint, Unifying, Driver, and Software Download for Windows And Mac – The G560 has six high-power RGB LEDs per speaker: four at the rear and two at the front. At maximum brightness, they can be a bit annoying in a dark room, but a nifty button on the top of the right speaker lets you dim them or turn them off entirely. A good rainbow color cycle works by default, but jumping into Logitech Gaming Software is when the magic happens. With over two decades of speaker-making experience, we had high expectations for the Logitech G560. They may not be the best for the modern audiophile, but we can confidently say that these are the most immersive speakers we’ve tested for gaming.

Logitech G560 Driver
Logitech G560” The software allows you to choose between two speaker control modes. Hardware control drains software and uses Bluetooth or AUX input devices for lighting. You get the same rainbow color cycle that also acts as an audio visualizer that flashes and lights up in time with the music being played. Switching to software control allows you to choose between a fixed color, color cycle, breath, audio display, and screen display. While the lighting was a big factor in the immersive aspect, the precision of the positional audio also impressed us greatly. Normally we don’t like the virtual environment of 7.1 digital gaming headsets, but we were pleasantly surprised by how well DTS: X performed with the G560, especially when trying to determine where we were being targeted in Fortnite. It’s the perfect compromise if you want immersive sound without the hassle of 5.1 or 7.1 gear.

Unlike some Logitech mice and keyboards, for which software is a useful bonus, the software is a fairly integral part of the overall function of this speaker. You’ll be using Logitech Gaming Software not only to configure lighting options, but also to enable surround sound, switch between EQ settings, and create profiles for individual games. Built-in lighting is the main thing that sets the G560 apart from the competition, and that’s impressive, for the most part. By taking advantage of the four distinct lighting zones, there are many interesting and subtle things you can do with the G560, from the eye-catching color cycle to pre-programmed patterns in games like Fortnite and Final Fantasy XIV. (You can also turn off the lights entirely if you’re the type of person who eats Cheerios while listening to Imagine Dragons.)

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Logitech G560 Gaming Speaker Features

  • Built-in LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting blasts game-driven lighting colors and effects activated by the audio in many popular games
  • Explosive 240 Watts Peak power and unique driver design deliver a huge soundscape for a heightened gaming experience
  • Integrated DTS:X Ultra surround sound renders 3D positional audio so you hear your gaming environment from every angle
  • Easily customize four-speaker lighting zones with Logitech Family Software for both front and rear light projection in your choice of 16.8 million colors
  • Works with Windows-based PCs and Bluetooth enabled devices including computers, smartphones, and tablets (DTS:X not supported on Mac OS X)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max) – 97decibel @426B

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