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Logitech G560

The Logitech G560 is a 2.1 speaker system, meaning it has 2 satellite audio speakers (left as well as a right network) that sit on your work desk and a speaker to handle low frequencies. The satellite audio speaker chassis is a teardrop-shaped truncated cone laying on its side. The teardrop offers 2 functions; it offers the audio speakers a wider base, so they do not roll around your desktop, and the interior serves as among each speaker’s 2 lights areas. Yes, lighting areas. There’s one facing out from the front, as well as there’s a 2nd lights zone in the form of a dome on the back of each speaker. Extra on these illumination areas later.

Logitech G560
Logitech G560

The G560 includes 6 high powered RGB LEDs per speaker: four dealing with the rear and also 2 for the front. At maximum illumination, they can be a little disruptive in a dark room, but a cool button on top of the ideal speaker allows you to tone it down or transform them off entirely. A positive rainbow shade cycle functions as the default mode but jumping into the Logitech Gaming Software Program is when the magic happens. The software program enables you to choose between 2 control settings for the audio speakers. Hardware control dumps the software and makes use of Bluetooth or AUX input devices for lights.

The G560 comes with a really effective down-firing subwoofer which showed to be fantastic for points like explosions but came to be fairly overwhelming at reduced volumes while paying attention to songs. Modifications in the software application help a little however you’re on your very own if you’ve attached to Bluetooth. The G560’s RGB illumination is vital, though. Connect it in, and both the front and also rear of each audio speaker illuminate. The front zone twists around an intermediary alongside the speaker, while the back is a larger as well as brighter light implied to diffuse throughout the wall surface behind your work desk.

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Logitech G560 Key Features

  • Built-in LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting blasts game-driven lighting colours and effects activated by the audio in many popular games.
  • Explosive 240 Watts Peak power and unique driver design deliver a huge soundscape for a heightened gaming experience.
  • Integrated DTS:X Ultra surround sound renders 3D positional audio, so you hear your gaming environment from every angle.
  • Easily customize four-speaker lighting zones with Logitech Family Software for both front and rear light projection in your choice of 16.8 million colours.
  • Works with Windows-based PCs and Bluetooth enabled devices including computers, smartphones and tablets (DTS:X not supported on Mac OS X).
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max) – 97decibel @426B.

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