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Logitech M235

The Logitech M235 Wireless Mouse is a practical computing accessory that allows you to navigate through your PC efficiently. This highly efficient mouse includes compact dimensions and also a tough body that is easy to lug and highly durable. The ergonomic creating offers better hold as well as enables you to gain access to comfy use. This mouse frees you from the trouble of cords as it comes with wireless connectivity. It features the Unifying receiver which makes it easy to set up and likewise helps in linking multiple tools. The enhanced battery life is additionally valuable. With the Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking system, you can delight in better navigation and also precision. Even more accuracy with advanced radar and strong body for longevity This wireless mouse is equipped with the Logitech Advanced Optical Radar that provides excellent accuracy.

Logitech M235
Logitech M235

This effective radar makes it perfect for playing extensive video games. The streamlined body of this tool is composed of premium quality material that helps with higher resilience. The sturdy structure ensures durable use. The small body is additionally very easy to carry and also provides enhanced mobility. The 2.4 GHz running speed of this mouse sends quick signals to the PC thanks to the much better handling rate. Comfortable layout together with far better battery life The personalized style of this mouse supplies a much better grip and allows you to have more accuracy. The comfortable form is very easy to hold as well as offers no stress to your hand even after extensive use. The enhanced battery of this tool frees you from the issues of charging frequently.

This product utilizes the Logitech Unifying Receiver that you can merely plug into your USB port as well as ignore. The benefit of this unifying receiver is that you can link numerous wireless computer mouse and key-boards to your Laptop/PC without the requirement of having to include an additional receiver. It operates on a 2.4 GHz regularity band however is not compatible with Bluetooth Modern technology.

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Logitech M235 Features

  • Logitech M235 wireless mouse: Its advanced 2.4 GHz wireless technology and optical tracking offer you freedom of movement and high reliability
  • Long battery life: Can last for a whole year without having to change the batteries
  • Hand-friendly ergonomic design: Soft rubber grip and the smooth scroll wheel of this computer mouse gives more comfort and freedom of movement
  • USB receiver: Remove the bottom cover of the wireless mouse to access the USB receiver of the device
  • Versatile: Compatible with Windows, Mac, and other devices
  • Works with Chromebook: This product is tested and certified as works with Chromebook, which means it meets Google’s compatibility standards and works seamlessly with your
  • Chromebook

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