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Roccat Arvo Gaming Keyboards

The Roccat Arvo is a portable keyboard developed to occupy minimal space on your desktop without sacrificing any capability. We’re not talking notebook keyboard style right here; the Arvo includes a totally functional num-pad, but with a touch of a switch, you can access the alternative navigating tricks (house, arrow tricks, web page up/down, and so on). The function keys are recessed into the top of the board and decrease their impact while still making them accessible. This is still a gaming keyboard, though, and also because of this, three programmable switches are under the area bar. They call for a certain press, however, so strikes are maintained to a minimum.

Roccat Arvo
Roccat Arvo

The Numpad location of this keyboard is an area that is rather different compared to most. While in number mode, it works as a regular Numpad, but then changed to the video gaming mode, the keys work as the erase, place, finish, etc. 2 macro keys can be designated macros of a big option driver choices. There are likewise directional keys that end up being illuminated during the “video gaming mode.” To switch over between the “video gaming setting” as well as the “Numpad setting,” there is a switch in the leading right of the keyboard, which coincides with shape as the escape secret to giving the keyboard some proportion.

The Arvo is indestructible, thanks to the integrated steel plate. It forgives that little tantrum throughout video gaming and the thump on the edge of the desk that often takes place, without even a murmur. The rugged metal plate additionally indicates it’s flawlessly weighted as well as, therefore, remarkably steady. Additionally, the best pc gaming height can be attained by folding out the lock-on keyboard legs that cling to any surface area like little suction mugs thanks to their non-slip coating.

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Roccat Arvo Gaming Keyboards Features

  • Compact design – creates optimum game space
  • Mode switch button- for switching between Num Pad function and Gaming Mode
  • 3 programmable dumpster keys -easy to reach with your thumb
  • 2 additional macro keys – for individual keyboard commands
  • Macro manager – create complex command sequences
  • Anti-ghosting capability – for simultaneous keystrokes
  • Medium height keys – with an optimum keystroke response and perfect pressure point
  • High durability – with robust metal base


Roccat Swarm:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.28 File Size: 8.19 MB File Type: zip

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