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Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

The Roccat Kone Pure Ultra could not have the flexible weighting or 7 hundred programmable switches that come as part of the ‘pc gaming computer mouse’ experience, however, it doesn’t require anyone of that. Roccat market this computer mouse as a light-weight computer mouse, and also they aren’t existing. Although they say that it considers 66 grams I considered it in at 64 grams to make sure that strongly puts it in the ‘ultra light-weight classification’. That goes over two times as so because they didn’t need to pierce holes in the top shell to accomplish this weight.

ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra
ROCCAT Kone Pure Ultra

The primary buttons on the KPU are extremely solid. They’ve got Omron switches beneath them and also need a relatively typical pressure to press when contrasted to other computer mice I have actually tested so these are going to be wonderful for the majority of people out there that don’t have a solid choice in the direction of either side when it concerns tensioning. You get a great as well as a tactile click with practically no pre or post travel and, maybe more notably since a few other ultralight computer mice have actually been getting this incorrect in the past, no sideways traveling either.

The Kone Pure Ultra makes its existence felt in video games with its highly accurate Owl-Eye sensor as well as lightweight, enabling accuracy as well as economic climate of movement. This computer mouse is plainly tuned for efficiency in jerk shooters. I located it perfect for titles like Ruin as well as Counterblow where the distinction between success as well as failing is determined in milliseconds. On the whole, I located performance at about on the same level as Logitech’s Hero sensing unit, which is an excellent location to be. The comfy hold and reduced weight combine to make long play sessions without fatigue, as well as the intelligent button placement, make certain that nary an unintentional click will happen during gameplay. The addition of thumb rest on the left side of the computer mouse is a nice touch not seen in lots of ultra-light video gaming mice, though this may be troublesome for left-handed gamers.

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Roccat Kone Pure Ultra Features:

  • Ultra-light, ergonomic – The Kone pure Ultra retains the much-loved shape of its predecessor but presents it in a low-weight 66. 5-gram package
  • The performance finish helps you keep a firm hold of the Kone pure Ultra during even the most frantic of gaming sessions.
  • Roccat owl-eye sensor – experience deadly pointer precision with the all-new 16, 000DPI Roccat owl-eye Optical sensor; The sensor is adjustable in 50DPI increments and is characterized by exceptionally sharp accuracy and tracking capabilities
  • The basics are done to perfection – the Kone pure Ultra features a 2D Titan wheel, improved click mechanics, extra-large mouse feet with rounded edges, and a lighter, more flexible cable making for a lighter-than-air gliding feel with exceptional click accuracy
  • Aimo illumination – AIMO is the living illumination eco-system from ROCCAT; Its functionality grows exponentially based on your computing behavior and the number of Aimo-enabled devices connected

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