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Roccat Leadr

The Roccat Leadr is an excellent computer mouse. However, its designation is a little bit of a misnomer. The Leadr has a ton of buttons, outstanding cordless fidelity, and a comfy design. However, Razer, Logitech, and SteelSeries have currently created comparable computer mice; Roccat’s gadget is not a leader but a fan. Still, the Leadr gets virtually whatever is right from a wireless pc gaming point of view, and also it charges a little less than its competitors.

Roccat Leadr
Roccat Leadr

The most vital feature of the Leadr is that it’s a wireless computer mouse. Roccat claims that the Leadr has no lag and practically no latency, and it functioned simply great during my examinations. The battery lasts for around 20 hours. You can also take the Leadr far more than 10 feet far from its receiver, making it a good choice for living-room COMPUTER gaming. The receiver itself takes the “function over type” approach. Instead of a small, losable USB dongle, the receiver is a significant rectangular shape that plugs into a COMPUTER through a mini USB. You can hang the computer mouse on the receiver to charge it, or you can plug in the mouse straight through USB to charge while you play. In either case, it’s rather sophisticated, although it occupies a great deal of desk real estate.

The largest device is the billing dock for the LEADR. The dock framework is plastic, which is glossy, but the front surface area has actually been rubberized. There is a little bit that prolongs bent on support the computer mouse and the two-pin billing system, while the bottom supplies a battery power sign and ROCCAT name that is backlit, while the LEADR name is painted on in gold. The cable television that features the computer mouse (one micro-USB plug for the computer mouse and docking bay, a USB plug for the computer system) is a flexibly entwined 70-inch cord. Snapping it into putting on either is a cinch, yet removing it is a duty entailing an extensive period of drawing and also wiggling the cable head back and forth. We assume that we can’t possibly have a great impact on the life of the plugs.

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Roccat Leadr Wireless Multi-Button RGB Gaming Mouse

  • ROCCAT® Owl-Eye optical sensor unrelenting pointer precision with 12000dpi
  • Next-gen button layout featuring X-Celerator analog paddle + Fin Switch
  • Unrivaled wireless optics zero lag: 1000Hz polling + 20h battery
  • Charging dock & top-up cable charging dock with status LEDs
  • ROCCAT® Easy-Shift[+]™ button duplicator technology
  • Two-level RGB illumination customizable light system, 16.8m colors
  • 14 ergonomic mouse buttons programmable + solid 2D Titan Wheel
  • 32-Bit Processor for rapid macro execution
  • ROCCAT® Swarm-powered comprehensive driver & software suite


Roccat Swarm:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.9414 File Size: 131.43 MB File Type: zip

Roccat Talk® FX:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1 File Size: 4.52 MB File Type: zip

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