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Roccat Pyra Wired

The Roccat Pyra Wired is a handy little video gaming mouse. It might not be the best selection for prolonged sessions because of its small size. Yet if you’re traveling and also need room, you can do even worse than grabbing one of these. The wired variation requires the driver to be set up to go for complete ability, while the wireless likewise needs to be synced by pushing a button under the computer mouse. We located that when the computer mouse goes to sleep, it will not respond to the motion at all– you’ll need to click a button to wake it up.

Roccat Pyra Wired
Roccat Pyra Wired

Developed as a space-saving mobile computer mouse, the Pyra is a lot smaller than most mice, with an angular back changing the sloping coating of many of our preferred video gaming mice. While the device is small and portable, it isn’t uneasy about holding using a ‘claw’ or ‘fingertip’ hold– the Pyra isn’t negative for those who lay their turn over a mouse either. The style of the Pyra is ambidextrous, so it joins that small yet special club of pc gaming computer mice that are suitable for left-handers.

The area of the side switches is problematic, nonetheless. The Pyra has a single switch on each side, located on the shoulder of the computer mouse. However, our thumbs, as well as fingers, naturally relaxed towards the base of the mouse. Not only did we have to obtain used to the split layout of the shoulder buttons; however, we likewise had to bear in mind to relocate our thumb or ring finger to push them. Pushing one of these buttons with the Pyra held in a narrow fingertip grasp makes it wriggle in your hand, skewing your aim.

Roccat Pyra Wired Features

  • Compact USB gaming mouse with 1000hz polling rate and 1ms response time
  • Easy shift button duplicator button duplication for 6 additional functions
  • Motion blue-optic sensor 1600dpi for optimum precision
  • Adjustable resolution 400, 800 or 1600dpi
  • Macro managers create complex command sequences


Roccat Pyra Wired:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.41 File Size: 8.46 MB File Type: zip

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