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Roccat Ryos MK Gaming Software

Roccat has a special mechanical keyboard for pc gaming, among which is the Roccat Ryos MK. Like most of the mechanical keyboards on the marketplace, the Roccat Ryos MK uses Cherry MX switches. This Keyboard also comes with different types of Cherry MX switches, from Cherry MX Red, Black, Brown, and Blue. At this moment, we are checking a version that utilizes Cherry MX Red switches. Roccat Ryos MK has a thick and also hefty body like a mechanical keyboard in general. Its dimension is also quite broad because it utilizes a full-sized layout, which is geared up with a Numpad switch and an added row of macro switches on the left and base.

Roccat Ryos MK
Roccat Ryos MK


5 conveniently available macro switches are put in a separate column. In addition to their primary function, each button can hold a secondary feature that can be activated by holding down the EasyShift [+] crucial (bound to Caps Lock by default). It conserved us with ten macros at our fingertips from doing tons of finger yoga exercises when playing MMOs. If you’re also the proprietor of a Roccat pc gaming mouse, the EasyShift [+] key on the keyboard can be used to make it possible for the additional macros bound on the mouse as well.

While we value the sound and mic pass-throughs, The Keyboard has no USB pass-throughs. We would certainly allow this slide (though it would resemble sliding a rock off sandpaper) if the Roccat Ryos MK FX didn’t eat up 2 USB ports. We’re not even sure what the second port is made use of considering that the keyboard works simply great with just one connected in. The absence of devoted media controls jumps on our nerves also.

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Roccat Ryos MK Gaming Software Features

  • Key configurations to suit every game
  • Firing on all cylinders with N-key rollover
  • Powerful processing power that packs a punch
  • Keep track of ROCCAT achievements Display
  • Key switches to suit every gamer
  • Easy-Shift [+] Becomes easy Keyboard – assign a secondary function to virtually any key. N-Key Rollover – means advanced anti-ghosting
  • High Powered Hardware – 32-bit ARM Cortex processor + 2 MB of flash memory. Roccat Achievements Display – keep track of your vital statistics.


Roccat Ryos MK:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.42 File Size: 22.18 MB File Type: zip

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