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Roccat Suora

The Roccat Suora features a special integration in that its layout is totally frameless. No hand remainder, no thick boundary, no thumb secrets, as well as no unnecessary media secrets– just high-quality, long-lasting mechanical secrets placed on a sturdy plate. This Raw style lets you get closer in contact with the action for lightning-fast and distraction-free gameplay. While your enemies are linking their fingers in a knot while they’re lost in a sea of tricks, you’ll be one action in advance with your instinctive control. It isn’t a lot excellent having an intuitively developed key-board developed for the rate if the tricks can not stay on par with your hot action.

Roccat Suora
Roccat Suora

However, the wonderful feature of the Suora is that Roccat has not compromised on build quality to keep costs down. This frameless keyboard still comes with an aluminum alloy frame that really feels smooth and rough to the touch, as well as its mechanical secrets are ranked for 50 million keystrokes over the course of its lifetime. The ROCCAT SWARM software’s LED lights alternatives, which is instinctive, incidentally includes options such as fully lit, wave, fade fx, serpent, ripple fx, rai, snail, scanning, radar, color shift, and breathing. One of the most effective aspects of the SUORA FX is the capacity to individually assign each secret to various colors, which most RGB mechanical keyboards on the market fall short to do.

The Suora’s really comfortable to kind on as well as play games with, as well. While its mechanical secrets don’t bear that hallowed Cherry MX trademark, they’re possibly closest to Cherry’s brown switches in feel, supplying the smallest of bumps as you press them down. It’s not that visible when inputting at speed, however– I truly needed to stop and press tricks really gradually even to register it existed– so you need to choose it up immediately without much fuss.

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Roccat Suora Features

  • ADVANCED ANTI-GHOSTING – Thanks to n-key rollover
  • FRAMELESS BUILD – With a focus on raw performance
  • 16.8M COLOR KEY BACK-LIGHTING – With quick access to stunning effects
  • 6 MACRO KEYS – Programmable zone above arrow keys
  • ROBUST DESIGN – With tough-built metal housing
  • DURABLE KEYS – With 50 million keystroke lifecycle
  • 1000HZ POLLING RATE – For rapid-response keystrokes
  • MEDIA & HOTKEYS – For convenient control over media
  • GAME MODE BUTTON – Quick launches custom gaming profile


Roccat Swarm:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.9414 File Size: 131.43 MB File Type: zip

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