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Roccat Valo Gaming Keyboards

The Roccat Valo was created to be past the typical video gaming keyboard. With over 41 macro tricks, the Roccat Valo can videotape and keep many faster ways on its 2MB memory. Incorporated with 4 switchable layers and 5 accounts, the Roccat Valo uses optimum customization not just for in-game macros but also for multimedia and efficiency. Macros can be tape-recorded online while in-game or through the Valo chauffeur software. The Valo is absolutely aimed at the gamer in us with its wide variety of commands and timings, LCD present, and 41 macro secrets.

Roccat Valo

To save every one of those vital mixes, timings and commands are 2MB of onboard memory, preventing you from needing to return to the software for reconfiguring. If you take a moment to read on, you will find out. The macro keys control a lot of the external side, along the top of the keyboard simply under the ‘F’ series of keyboards and the media tricks along the keyboard’s left side. Used with the software that includes the Valo, all these tricks can be a program to do different tasks within a PC game.

Besides the macro keys, there are additional buttons for volume control, LED illumination control, and a Windows vital disable switch. Considering that it is created for players, the Roccat Valo also features audio jacks and a unidirectional microphone device that plugs into the ideal side to interact with your colleagues when you play online.

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Roccat Valo Gaming Keyboards Features

  • ILLUMINATED KEYS AND DISPLAY – for improved key hit rate and vital in-game information
  • 41 MACRO KEYS – for ultra-long macros with 500 keystrokes plus
  • 2MB INTERNAL MEMORY – for storing 1 Profile-2-Go with 4 layers each including individual macros
  • MACRO LIVE RECORDING BUTTON – for quick and easy key programming without leaving the game
  • ANTI-GHOSTING CAPABILITY – for simultaneous keystrokes


Roccat Valo:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.6.7 File Size: 5.29 MB File Type: zip

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