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Samsung Scan Assistant Software Download

Samsung Scan Assistant Software Download, Install, Setup For Windows – The Samsung Scan Assistant is a new type of app for the Galaxy smartphone. It allows you to scan documents and then convert them into PDFs or Word files with just one tap. You can also easily email, fax, or print documents from the scanner by integrating your device’s camera and printer apps. This app is easy to use and will be perfect for anyone who needs to scan important documents on the go! There are many benefits that come with using this application: it saves time in office settings; it provides a more efficient way of getting paperwork done on the go; and lastly, it offers an opportunity for people without scanners at home to still get their work done efficiently when they need it most.

Samsung Scan Assistant Software
Samsung Scan Assistant

softpuma” It’s time to start scanning your documents! Samsung Scan Assistant is a helpful tool that will help you scan, organize and share your important papers. Let us show you how it works:
1) Download the Samsung Scanning app on Google Play or App Store and install it onto your device. 2) Open the app and tap “Scan Documents”. 3) Follow the instructions on the screen to place documents in the proper positions for scanning. 4) Tap any of these options: Document Feeder, Flatbed, or Camera (to scan from a camera). 5-6 seconds later, you can view the scanned images on a screen or send files directly to the email recipients by tapping Send button. 7-8 seconds later, you can tap the Preview button to see.

“Why do I need to use a Samsung Scan Assistant? This is the question on many people’s minds. Let me tell you why this tool can be very helpful.” “Samsung has created a scanner that will allow you to scan documents straight from your phone and save them with just one click! You won’t have to worry about misplacing your documents anymore, and these scanned files are saved in such a way that they’re easy for you to retrieve later.” “The scanning process is as simple as pressing the camera button on your phone and then placing the document down on the flat surface of the scanner. The device does all of the work for you so there’s no need for any prior knowledge or experience.

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Samsung Scan Assistant Features

  • Zoom in and out
  • Flip images
  • Scan from Samsung hardware
  • Scan settings include resolution, image type, color depth, and document size
  • Automatically crop images after scanning
  • Detect blank pages
  • Configure editor for post-scanning modification
  • Lasso tool.


Samsung Scan Assistant:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.05.7 File Size: 13.23 MB File Type: exe

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