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Logitech G15

The Logitech G15 keyboard is squarely targeted at players, yet everyday users will certainly like a few of the layout touches that have been integrated. The soft blue backlighting and also integrated flip-up LCD are attributes we ask yourself just how we lived without, and also the layout reveals obvious signs of replying to client comments. The gaming macro secrets round out this all-around king of key-boards. While the crucial pushing was somewhat soft for our tastes, normal typing tasks were not an issue. On the left-hand side of the keyboard, are 18 customized, programmable secrets. These are programmable to do both easy and also intricate keystrokes.

Logitech G15
Logitech G15

The initial Logitech G15 utilized blue backlighting that was a little bit dark, even over for my tastes. The new G15 pc gaming key-board uses an orange backlight that is flexible to high, low and off. The orange shade is more attractive to my eye than the blue and also is brighter as well as more consistent than the initial G15. Another change to the new G15 from the old one is in the LCD. The LCD show on the brand-new Logitech G15 keyboard is fixed in position, fatter and also even more rounded than the original flip-down LCD on the G15. The LCD alter provides the whole key-board with a different, more organic look. You still get the same performance with the brand-new G15’s GamePanel LCD that the old variation used. By default, the LCD can show system data like core use on the CPU and also will certainly show all 4 cores on a quad-core CPU and shows RAM use.

The keys on the new Logitech G15 key-board include all of what you would anticipate locating on a current pc gaming key-board with media control secrets ranged around the LCD show that includes onward, back, stop play/pause, as well as quantity up/down. On the flat part of the keyboard to the right of the LCD is a huge committed mute switch that is simple to locate and also hit if you need to silence your game promptly for a telephone call. To the prompt right of the mute button is the control for the brightness of the backlighting. On the back of the Logitech G15’s LCD is a set of USB 1.1 ports that will certainly not support high speeds for flash drives and also won’t sustain USB gadgets needing higher power.

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Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Features

  • Intelligent cable management: Keep mouse, headset, and other cords out of the way by routing them through channels on the underside of the keyboard
  • Illuminated characters allow you to play late into the night.
  • Create useful macros on the fly and play them back with a single press of a G-key
  • With the Logitech-exclusive GamePanel LCD, you can easily find out what server your friends are using to play Battlefield 2142
  • Package Contents: Logitech G15 Keyboard, Palm rest, Software CD, Installation Guide and 1-year limited hardware warranty

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