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Logitech G25

The Logitech G25 leaves to an excellent begin when you open up its not inconsiderably-sized box because your olfactory senses are hit with the unique odour of natural leather. Certain, similar degrees of pleasure can be derived from unloading Logitech’s cheaper Momo-branded wheel, yet that wheel does not include the G25’s elegant combed metal paddle shifters and pedals. Logitech’s most current real driving simulation release, the Logitech G25, is a pressure feedback auto racing wheel which in the beginning glimpse seems to have actually been redesigned from scratch.

Logitech G25
Logitech G25

The listing goes on and on: Strong Force comments effects, high-end coating as well as a pedal collection which incorporates three pedals rather than the common two. The coupe de elegance is the gear shift that permits you to choose between utilizing the typical 6 speed H pattern to change gear or the consecutive change. In conclusion, this assures to supply the ultimate auto racing experience for in the house and also we could not wait to try it out.

Force comments are present on the G25, as can be anticipated from a Competing wheel in this section however Logitech has actually taken this innovation an action further and establish a new degree or realistic look. Whilst the Motive Power Pro was admired for its Force feedback effects, the G25’s Pressure responses are even more polished than that of its forebear. Launching the first video game the distinctions are quickly noticeable: The power transfer is liquid and, whereas in a lot of pressure responses wheels you obtain a nearly “sawing” activity when you attempt and also guide versus the power flow, in the G25 this equates right into a proficient movement and also really feels natural.

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Logitech G25 Key Features

  • Exclusive carpet grip system provides a realistic experience when the G25 is placed on the floor.
  • Sequential shift mode provides backward compatibility.
  • Dual-motor force feedback transmission delivers powerful, high-fidelity force effects.
  • Handcrafted components, including real leather on the steering wheel, provide an authentic feel.
  • Change speeds with the six-speed shifter with push-down reverse gear.
  • Handcrafted components, including real leather on the steering wheel, provide an authentic feel.

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