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Logitech G400

The Logitech G400 proceeds the tradition and also retains the same basic shape of its ancestors. It’s as comfy for those that use a palm hold as it is for those that favour a fingertip hold, also after prolonged usage. Unlike the faux-metal MX518, however, the G400 has an extra nondescript colour scheme; otherwise, it’s identical in format to its precursor. Along with the normal set of mouse switches and an accompanying scroll wheel, there are two well-placed thumb switches within effortless reach. At the same time, two top-mounted buttons at either end of the scroll wheel alter the computer mouse’s dpi without the requirement for any motorist software program, scrolling via 400, 800, 1,800 and 3,600 dpi as a requirement.

Logitech G400
Logitech G400

While the G400 doesn’t ship with any kind of motorist software program, the imaginatively called Logitech Gaming Software, which enables you to modify the setups of all Logitech’s gaming items, can be downloaded conveniently. With this, you can change the 4 readily available levels of sensitivity setups to your deciding on, and also appoint or tailor-make essential appropriations. The software application also checks your computer after setup as well as tons possible button designs from a comprehensive library of titles. If that doesn’t benefit you, you can also tape-record and also designate your very own macros or keypresses utilizing a fundamental interface.

If you desire extra specific control over the responsiveness of the mouse, you can change the DPI via the software application that includes the computer mouse. One more button sets the mouse quickly to its default 800 dpi setup, while 2 switches on the side serve as forwarding and back buttons for internet browsers and various other applications. These switches seldom get pushed by chance when you’re holding the computer mouse – a good surprise after making use of mice with similar switches that have actually caused blunders.

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Logitech G400 Gaming Software Key Features

  • A 3600 dpi optical sensor provides precision targeting, pinpoint accuracy and rock-solid performance for when your sights are set on victory.
  • In-game dpi switching lets, you change the mouse’s tracking characteristics to match the situation. Go from pixel-precise targeting (400 dpi) to lightning-fast manoeuvers (up to 3600 dpi) without ever having to interrupt play.
  • Full-speed USB communicates with the PC up to 1000 times per second for instantaneous response and super-smooth movement in games.
  • With a consistent response ratio, hand movements translate to the same amount of cursor movement: less than 0.5% compared to over 5% for some other “gaming” sensors. You get consistent tracking at any hand speed.
  • Durable construction gives you buttons rated up to 10 million clicks and feet tested to 500 km so that you can play hard for a long time.

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