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Roccat Vulcan Pro

The Roccat Vulcan Pro includes the same smooth, award-winning design as the Vulcan 121 and comes with ROCCAT’s all-new Titan Optical Changes. The Titan Optical Switch over replaces the physical contact of a standard mechanical switch with a beam that gets interrupted by the optical switch when the key is pressed. This brings about a more receptive response time that signs up keystrokes 40 times faster than a traditional mechanical switch, in addition to a longer life span of 100 million clicks contrasted to 50 million clicks for an automatic button. The Vulcan Pro includes an Ash Black plated aluminum plate, attaches using a wired USB-An adapter, and offers inconspicuous ergonomic vital caps.

Roccat Vulcan Pro
Roccat Vulcan Pro

Softpuma” The Vulcan Pro is a tenkeyless version of the Vulcan Pro that makes sure to bring in gamers that need a smaller impact. Finally, the Vulcan is a tenkeyless variation of the full-sized Vulcan mechanical keyboard and is readily available in both Titan Change Tactile and even Titan Switch Over Linear. The Ruptured Pro was born out of ROCCAT’s desire to develop a brand new balanced computer mouse that uses the COMPUTER brand’s most current modern technology while releasing the full capacity of its AIMO smart illumination engine. When it involves PC pc gaming, speed is an incredibly important element, as well as the Titan Optical Switch, provides a quicker action price approximately 100 times faster than primary mechanical mice as a result of the ultra-precise light-based actuation, as well as a lot longer overall lifespan of 100 million clicks.

Unlike a typical mechanical switch that utilizes a physical get-in touch with, the Titan Optical uses a beam of light interrupted by the optical switch. The very first models to use the new controller are the Vulcan Pro and TKL Pro. The Roccat Vulcan Pro is a full-size keyboard with an anodized lightweight aluminum leading plate, low-profile keycaps, and also its AIMO-enabled RGB lighting that allows you to sync light systems with various other AIMO products. It additionally comes with a detachable magnetic wrist remainder. The “TKL” in TKL Pro means “tenkeyless.” It’s a variation of the Vulcan Pro minus the “ten-key,” i.e., the number pad. The framework is smaller also.

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Roccat Vulcan Pro Features:

  • The keyboard is reinforced by an aircraft-grade aluminum layer to make it extra strong and durable. It also features switch durability that lasts for 100 million keystrokes – twice the industry standard – thanks to the contactless Titan Switch Optical. Together, they make the Vulcan Pro virtually indestructible.
  • A low-profile design allows you to keep your hands flat, leading to less fatigue even after long periods of time. Together with the magnetically detachable palm rest, premium comfort is guaranteed. For added functionality, mixer-style audio controls keep the essentials at fingertip reach.
  • The Vulcan took the gaming scene by storm upon its release. It received widespread critical acclaim for its functional aesthetics and an impressive build quality that separated it from the pack. The award-winning keyboard is now elevated to another level with the introduction of the new Titan Switch Optical.


Roccat Swarm:>> Software Download<<
OS: Windows
Version: V1.9414 File Size: 131.43 MB File Type: zip

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